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Even though hair loss may be asymptomatic, it can be devastating affecting the self-confidence and social life. A great variety of diseases can trigger hair loss causing either scarring or non-scarring hair loss. Therefore, making the right diagnosis is key in order to manage the hair loss effectively.

Having trained by Dr. Maria Hordinsky, internationally recognised for her expertise and research in hair diseases and hair follicle biology, Dr. Panoutsopoulou has significant experience in treating the full spectrum of hair disorders. Based on the detailed history and thorough examination Dr. Panoutsopoulou may recommend further investigation such as specific blood tests or/and tissue examination under the microscope (trichogram, skin biopsy on the scalp).

Hair loss treatments include topical medications, intralesional injections or/and systemic medications and dietary supplements.

Specifically, for alopecia areata, Dr. Panoutsopoulou performs the gold standard treatment which is intralesional (directly into the affected areas) corticosteroid injections using the right concentration of medication at the appropriate skin intervals in a safe and effective manner.

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